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Welcome to the Harmony Restored Health Resources blog.  Check back soon for updates and news related to Massage Therapy, Medical Services, Home Services, Avon Products, Cosmetology, and Living Will Service in Northeastern Pennsylvania.

This was an e-mail I received regarding massage therapy licensure coming to Pennsylvania.

Your email regarding licensure as a massage therapist in Pennsylvania has been forwarded to this office for response.   The newly appointed board members are in the process of drafting regulations that further clarify the licensure requirements as outlined in Act 118.  At this time, the only licensure information available is outlined in Act 118.  A copy of this Act can be found at the Board’s website.

At this time,  we anticipate issuing licenses in late fall of 2010.

Please refer to the Board’s website at for a special notice outlining the provisions for “existing practitioners”.   As more information becomes available,  updates regarding licensure will be posted on the website